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We help our clients realize what leadership essences their leaders must possess to be distinguished from average performers.  Then, we help enhance the capabilities of their leaders by encouraging them to fully employ these essences at work and avoid irrelevant ones they might possess.

We have selected and assembled results of empirical researches on leadership essences to come up with this program.

The leadership essences include motives, ids, egos, superegos, traits, self images, values, learning styles, locus of control, emotional intelligence, and managerial styles.

The researches we selected are those working on the ingredients that distinguish outstanding leaders from averages.  The researches have pointed out a key finding that the ingredients and their weights differ from one to another in organizations, functions, and jobs.

As such, an organization must realize what essences what leaders must possess and to what degree.

To conduct this program, we firstly gather personal data relating to the leadership ingredients by one-on-one interviews and 360-degree questionnaires. Our experts, then, analyze the data of each participant to be ready for a 3-day workshop of not more than 20 participants at a time.

In the workshop, our professional facilitators deductively explain the model of outstanding business leadership and personally hand over the individual's data analysis to each participant.

By our workshop methodologies, each participant, applying deductive and inductive reasoning, will personally realize the quality of his/her essences based on the former one-on-one interview, self evaluation answers to the data-gathering questionnaires, and how others see him/her analyzed from the 360-degree data-gathering questionnaires' answers.  

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