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This program provides participants with the skill set, capability, and confidence to coach and develop others to achieve stretch goals.  This methodology is behavioral and experiential, using theory, exercises, and role plays to build self-awareness and confidence to coach others competently.

Our facilitators will point out the role of coaching and the way in which it differs from mentoring and counselling.

As we have frequently found that some managers had difficulty in coaching others or adopting a coaching style of management, our facilitators will explain the need for executive leadership coaching and the professional skills needed by the coaches, elaborating on each participant's barriers to effective coaching and help the participant draw a compelling action plan to cross the barriers.

The program will lead the participants to undertake multiple role plays based on a "Coaching Wheel" that will guide them through specific moments-of-truth along the coaching process, refining the transitions between the adjacent moments.

The participants will practice active-listening steps, assessing the underlying concerns of the coachee, getting his/her agreement on the next targets, drawing out the coachee's alternative approaches to achieving the targets, re-framing his/her statements and alternatives, advising, and how to forward action. The program will arrange two settings: one for coaching in an everyday's basis, another a formal coaching.  Each participant will practice selecting his/her listening and managerial styles to match coachee's characteristics and the settings.

After completion, the participants will take home a compelling action plans for self preparation of being an effective coach.  


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